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Sarah's background

How I Got Here!!

Sarah Levinson has begun writing her books at the age of 34 during the Covid pandemic, which struck the whole world. This has inspired her to write varieties of different books that are different topics to help many people around the world. Unleash yourselves to the endless possibilities of overcoming your challenges just like Sarah does and apply it to your own life. Sarah loves to write on her free time as she is working on her teaching degree as she is working on her masters. Please enjoy this website and reach out to me if you want to know more!

Sarah lives in Seattle, WA. She is quite an accomplished writer, educator and daughter, friend and an amazing co worker! Sarah loves to read, write, create art work as she sketches and she loves teaching her students. 

Sarah was born in Bulgaria in 1986 and came to the United States as a very young child who did not know the English language along with many personal challenges that she overcame. She wrote her first book to let her challenges go of her childhood issues and to share it with the world, after requests upon requests, that I should write a book, and I did. Please enjoy this website and reach out to me! 

Can't wait to hear from you!! 

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