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What are the next books that are being written?

Soon to be published is a book called "Creative way to help immigrant students to learn English language and to turn stress into hope. A guide for teachers and students. 

Another book that is published on amazon is published, a coffee table art book that will have quotes with the pictures! There are many more books coming. This book is published on amazon. 

 Which books do you currently have out on amazon? 

Currently, I have my first book called, "Simova still perservering" in the form of an ebook and paperback! The ebook is 2.99 with kindle but is free with unlimited kindle. The paperback is 10.00. 

The other book that is also on amazon is called the "Work of art". This book is a coffee table art book, something to sit down and relax towards as you sip your coffee or tea. Enjoy! 

What inspired you to write your books?

What inspired me to write these books initially was due to speaking with people about my life with my co workers, family and friends as they suggested that I write my first book about my hardships and challenges when I first moved from the United States from Bulgaria. Upon after sharing this information with many people, I thought during this Covid time that it would be a perfect time to share my life and to help others during this uncertain time. I also wanted to release the many insecurities of my earlier childhood challenges and to write it down so that it would leave my head and down onto paper, via, the books. I really am finding that I love to help people of the  problems I had and to assist others with the best possible way that could possibly change their lives for the better. This is therapeutic for me and it feels great to write!

Where is the link to your books on amazon and author page to follow?

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