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How to purchase my books on amazon

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Steps to purchasing my books. There are many ways to do this!

1. Within my website, head over to the icon called, "Where is the links to your books" and select that tab.
2. Click the first link with my memoir called, "Simova still Persevering"
3. OR click my author's central link beneath my memoir
4. Purchase the books you see on my author's central page or from step 1.


  1. Go to

  2. type into search engine, "Sarah Levinson books"

  3. Then, scroll down to the books that you want

  4. Click purchase

  5. Book will mailed to you via through amazon

My name is Sarah Levinson and I have written many books in general of different topics and the most popular book I have written that people have read the most is my memoir which is about my early childhood education and my experience within the Minnesota public school system. Within this memoir, it explains the many challenges or struggles that I face while learning the English language to other life's unexpected events that also occurs during that time.

I have written blogs about my interest in sharing my life's experiences and sharing that with the general public to then sharing how those personal experiences of learning the English language can be written in a different book of helping teachers assist students in learning the language. This book is called, "Creative way to help immigrant students to learn English and to turn stress into hope: A guide for teachers and students". There are many other books besides my personal experiences to expressing my interest in art.

Please check out which book interests your own personal desires and ambitions. If you are looking for overcoming your own challenges and dealing with them in a more positive way that requires you to keep going, then please check out my memoir, Simova Still Persevering. If you are looking for something more like an art coffee table book, then select, The work of art: A coffee table inspiration.

These different book options are up to your own personal preference and what you are wanting to read at the moment.

The reason of my blogs:

The reason I have written my blogging book website that has all of my links within each page to my books, is to promote others to work through their own personal challenges or ambitions that are hard at the moment and to use their own perseverance to get through it. I want to share my personal stories that I have gone through at an early age and to share that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and has the correct people in your life to assist you during those hard and challenging times. I want to express that within my own personal challenges that it took time, effort, heart-ache and pain to get through what I went through to be where I am now. Also, I wrote the blogging book website so people could be inspired by my own personal endeavors that I wanted to accomplish and that was writing my books an sharing my experiences along the way. Enjoy reading this page and will update monthly of what projects I am working on and what might be coming out. This could be more books that I want to write or other comic books that I am wanting to create.

My message

Are you looking for a great memoir to read or an art coffee table? Perhaps a teacher's guide to assisting students who are learning the English language? These are the books that I have written to share my own personal experiences of learning the English language and overcoming it and many other challenges. If you are experiencing a challenging time and how to overcome your situation, know you are NOT alone because we all go through life in different waves but feel more inspired in reading my memoir, which will make you feel NOT alone and that you can do anything to overcome your situation.

Read for pleasure!

Please check out my books through amazon directly at

Then please add your review of the memoir on my amazon page.

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