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What inspires you?

Have you ever thought of what inspires you to read a great novel? Was it the author and its series or was it the theme of the book? Well, what inspired me to write my book blogs was to promote the love of writing and to share my story with the outside public. I want everyone that sees my books to feel empowered and motivated to overcome any challenges or obstacles they may be experiencing and to overcome them through various steps that engages them to achieve their goals in such a way that makes them feel stronger in the end and can be easily shared through book writing or book blogging!

I want people to read my story, Simova Still Persevering, A Memoir, and to understand from this memoir that I did a lot of things to overcome my barrier of learning the English language while being inside the public school system in MN and overcoming mean teachers who reacted to me in the most negative ways that shouldn't have happened, but did, and to use my own experiences to master the negatives from the teachers.

I have other books that promotes the assistance of teachers helping students to overcome learning the English language and can be done by using a teacher's guide to help these students express themselves while learning the language. I personally wrote this book for teachers who can assist these students and to use this teacher's guide to help them feel more welcomed and feeling like they are progressing.

Below is my amazon author's page and here are the books that I have and some have a kindle version while others just are paperbacks or hardback books. Please check them out!

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